About Us

Landscape Charleston is a family-owned landscaping business in Charleston SC. We're a small team so everyone knows each other. Every time you visit us, you'll see the same people.

The goal of our team is to help you improve and maintain your lawn so you can enjoy it with your loved ones. We handle every project entrusted to us with honesty and integrity.

We feel we’re doing a great job when we get to establish long-term relationships with our customers and receive referrals from them.

Furthering Our Knowledge

Landscape Charleston has been in the landscaping industry for several years now. Through and through, we have always believed that continuing to educate ourselves is paramount to serving clients better.

The more we know, the more we’ll be able to share with our customers as well. Hence, we stay updated on industry news, may that be about landscaping or personal development.

We also continue to look into ways to help customers save money, without setting aside quality. We understand you want to make the most out of your investment.

Our team is highly knowledgeable about the landscaping requirements in Charleston, SC, and neighboring areas. Since we’re a locally-based company, we are also very much familiar with the climate and soil conditions in our area.

We’re also aware of the common issues and challenges that home and business owners face when it comes to landscaping, and we’re here to help you find the right solutions without breaking the bank.

Ensuring Superior Workmanship

Our team is licensed and insured. And we are committed to delivering top-quality results every time. Our knowledge and experience come from our several years of professional work in the landscaping industry.

You can keep peace of mind as we always deliver every job in a professional, safe, and timely manner. All equipment we use is properly-maintained to provide you with consistent services.

If you have questions about your lawn, please get in touch with our team at (843) 310-8615. We’re happy to help.

What Clients Say


Landscape Charleston introduce us to a landscaping company that we have now been using for 3 months and couldn't be happier. They only partner with the best companies to uphold their reputation

Lisa Faraday - Happy Customer

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