Drainage Solutions in Charleston

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When you start to notice drainage problems in your home, have a professional perform an inspection right away. Handling the issue on your own may only result in bigger problems.

Landscape Charleston provides drainage solutions in Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas. Contact us today.

Importance of a Proper Drainage System

Your drainage system protects your home against flooding. Simply filling a low spot with soil will not solve a drainage problem. This may only lead to mold and mildew and put your family's health at risk.

We’ll look into your drainage issues and recommend an appropriate action plan. We make sure to first understand where the problem is to ensure you’ll never encounter it again. By focusing only on the necessary work, we get to keep the costs as minimal as possible.

Factors We Consider in Providing Drainage Solutions

  • Existing drainage system
  • Installation quality
  • Damages or clogging
  • Condition of gutters
  • Construction of downspouts
  • Drainage pipes
  • Soil condition
  • Slopes in your property
  • Soil erosion issues
  • Soil compaction
  • Trees and their effects on your drainage system

By looking into these areas, we’re able to determine what needs to be done and how. Some issues may be simple to fix while some can be more time-consuming. Either way, there’s no drainage issue we can’t handle for you.

Always remember that proper drainage system is crucial for your landscape. This helps you prevent soil erosion and flooding.

Is your drainage giving you headaches?

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