Laying Pine Straw Mulch in Charleston, SC

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Improve Your Curb Appeal with Pine Straw Mulch

Pine straw mulch is popular in homes, public parks, and even businesses for it’s economical, easy to maintain, and easy to apply too. It’s also being used across the United States. If you're also considering pine straw mulch for your property, we're here to help.

Benefits of Using Pine Straw Mulch

Natural. Pine trees shed their needles naturally. These needles or straw are used as mulch. You’re not harming the environment when using a pine straw mulch as its source is renewable.

Low-maintenance. Pine straw remains loose and breaks down slowly. You don’t need to touch up frequently. Pine straw also doesn’t require mixing and fluffing. And it doesn’t get washed out like other types of mulch.

Helps improve the soil. Using pine straw mulch helps maintain soil moisture. It also protects the roots of the tree from extreme temperatures. If you’re growing acid-loving plants, pine straw is also ideal as it helps keep the soil chemically-balanced.

Helps control weed. Unlike wood mulches, pine straw does not tolerate the growth of weeds. When you lay pine straw mulch around your trees, you’re also protecting the latter from weeds.

Aesthetically-pleasing. Pine straw tends to showcase a uniform color. It blends well with most landscapes and serves as a beautiful backdrop for your plants.

You can buy pine straw in bulk and store some for touch-ups. Here at Landscape Charleston, we ensure that our pine straw is always high-quality.

What We Offer

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pine straw installation


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Remember that it’s crucial to ensure that the area is clean before laying pine straw mulch. Our team can also get this done for you. Learn more about our pine straw installation services.

Got Questions?

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