Sod Installation in Charleston, SC

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Moving to a new home? Feel it's time to upgrade your existing lawn?

Make your outdoor space more inviting with premium sod installation. Landscape Charleston is here to help you. We’ll start off the process by preparing your soil.

Proper soil preparation is crucial to the success of a sod installation project. This helps improve sod uniformity and density. It also helps minimize the need for fertilizers, water, and overall maintenance.

What We Offer

Only the Freshest Sod

We ensure that only high-quality sod gets delivered to you.

Free Project Estimate

Send us details of your project and we'll get back to you with a free quote.

Budget-Friendly Sod Varieties

Take your pick from our competitively-priced sod varieties.

Expert Advice

Gather advice from landscape professionals on the right sod variety for your lawn.

Complete Soil Preparation

Proper soil preparation is the key to a successful sod installation.

Lawn Care Services

We also offer lawn care maintenance so you can take your weekends and days off work back.

Our sod installation service also includes fertilizing and watering your sod. Our professional team will be there to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout the project.

In case you have more questions after we’ve installed you sod, you can always get in touch with us.

From delivering only the freshest sod to assisting you with your other home or business landscaping needs, trust us to provide you with superior quality services.

Sod Varieties

We’re proud of the quality of our sod varieties here in Landscape Charleston. We couple our quality products with professional installation services.

  • Centipede. Centipede is one of the most in-demand sod varieties in Southeastern states. It grows slow and requires very little maintenance. It’s also drought-tolerant.
  • Palmetto St. Augustine. Like the Centipede variety, Palmetto St. Augustine can also thrive with minimal water and maintenance. It’s well-known in southern states and is also sought-after in other countries, such as Australia.
  • Empire Zoysia. This sod variety thrives in a wide a variety of soil and climates. It’s also hardy and durable, it can accommodate various activities without enduring extensive wear.

For more information about sod installation in Charleston SC, schedule an appointment with our team today.

Interested in sod installation services?

We can visit your area and recommend the right sod variety for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.